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June 18, 2020 by Juan Arley Gómez banner

At InterNexa we believe that the new reality is not just in need of business continuity plans (BCP) or adaptability plans, but also requires innovation and the necessary bravery to accept the challenges that remote working modalities present, specially in those companies that need their personnel to be in situ.

Table of contents

  • Current needs
  • What B-IoT is?
  • How does B-IoT work?
  • Take the next step

Current needs


There are many companies in Latin America which need that their personnel be constantly present in the company facilities, due to they have places or spaces which are of high criticality for their business, and require a constant visibility of their leaders or key users.

Also, those companies must keep an eye on the processes´ optimal conditions and on the elements stored in those places, because any variation on the conditions required for their storage might represent significant economic effects and affect the security level at work, and in some cases, even trigger sanctions.

In fact, these kinds of situations may result in processes that lead to take non convenient decisions which can turn into constantly supporting high operational and maintenance costs for those places.

What B-IoT is?


As a solution for the aforementioned needs, B-IoT makes possible to put business key assets closer to your collaborators, through the digital representation of those places, and based on measurements of environmental, electronical and infrastructure variables.

By using sensors, industrial internet of things, analytics, predictive modeling and artificial intelligence, it is both possible to get the necessary information for the remote monitoring of spaces, and with the collected data to generate information permitting taking optimal decisions, providing the possibility of reducing maintenance and operating costs, and maximizing the row material and equipment life span.

B-IoT collects the information from variables such as temperature, humidity, smoke, energy consumption, and many more, in order to ensure that the collaborators have the information available to keep your business productivity up high.

But… How does B-IoT work?


Every sensor and device placed inside our customer´s facilities are connected to the internet, capture data and send it to Thunder, our Cloud platform.  From there, the information is processed by our analytics platforms, in which each one of the variables modeling is done so they can be remotely accessed at any moment.

Thus, you get safe working environments, environmental variable control and equipment, spaces, personnel, and movement maintenance cost optimization. Also, all the collaborators will be informed and will have the necessary tools for taking smart decisions.


Take the next step


Down below download a little B-IoT brochure and  click here to get in  contact with our team of advisors. With the best technological solutions, InterNexa is ready to help you in the appropriation of the digital now.

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