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July 9, 2020 by Jairo Guzmán banner

The need for digitally transforming the companies has created a new responsibility over the management levels, because in the current market, immersed in the need of the digital presence, decisions in the digital transformation that be timely and strategic are required, because the new business route, able to efficiently adapt to the new demands will depend on those decisions.

However, for many people the digital transformation outlook still looks a little bit vague, but there is no need to despair.  Follow this main 3 decisions you must make now, so you can take your business to the next level:

1. Define your digital ambition.

Analyze in depth your company, for which you may use some of our online tools:

All these tools allow you to identify how your organization currently is, and so you will be able to define your digital ambition, this is, how digital transformation might help your company to generate value for both, the client and the market.  This way, you will determine your digital route map, which should respond to the business route map.

Once the outlook be set you will need to appoint invigorating leaders, who be able to understand the gaps separating your company from their digital ambitions and  the need of each team in your company, so, they will be able to transmit the challenges and gradually implement them, where resistance be low and productivity do not be affected.


2. It is time to create digital ecosystems

The optimal integration of every channel in your company may benefit you in the continuous communication with your clients, you can know more about this concept clicking here  and learn 5 steps for creating a digital ecosystems for your business, but do not be satisfied only with the explanation, it is important to take action.

Starting from the definition of your digital ambition, you will be able to identify which are those areas in your company that have all the abilities to support your business digital transformation.  Therefore, it will be vital to decide how to train them so they can be agents for change, empower them so they can make agile decisions and of course, under which work framework they can be govern to be as dynamic as possible.

Do not forget! Digital ecosystems are not only an internal area from the company, they must also migrate outwards, and be developed through the whole market.  To do so, business alliances are the key to success. Begin spotting which are those other business that together with yours, may revolutionize the market.


3. Previous items are not enough, from now on, you will need to keep on making decisions during the whole process.

The digital transformation is not something that you do now and then forget the next month, it is an ongoing process, and it will need leaders, managers and CEOs that never lower their guard.

But, how to face the issues that may pup-up during the process? At InterNexa we have thought in every detail, so we have created a troubleshooting Ring Chart for you, that will help you to create a methodology to push further your digital ambition.

InterNexa walks with you to reach the next level.

Digital transformation demands decision makers based on data, because of that, at InterNexa we have B-IoT, the solution your business needs to make timely decisions, through which you will keep all your information safe, you will also automate data analysis and will get predictive indicators about your busines.

Do you have any question about empowering your business with an efficient and adapted to your need digital ecosystem?  Contact us, we would love to walk along with you through this new era for your business.

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