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april 30, 2020 by Jairo Guzmán banner

The world has changed. The international confinement has evidenced the need to adopt digital transformation. In fact, for many companies that believed that process virtualization and technology adoption were things of the future, the Covid-19 pandemic pressured them to make an immediate change.

It is a fact, the market will no longer be the same, and we must be ready for the new normal. It is time to see confinement like the perfect opportunity to rethink your business model, experiment with new tools, and create a plan that ensures validity and adaptability for business.

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Renewal is the key to adapt to the new market

The changes are scary, but the best transformations have occurred after the times of high restrictions, such as the current one.

Many organizations have slowed down their operation, and their leaders see the outlook a bit dark amid uncertainty, but this time must be used. Start by reviewing your customer’s current reality and your relationship with them and review each of your processes.

During a video call with your team, ask them to make an inventory of each of the customer contact points, the processes they carry out in their day-to-day, and its objectives. Then, with the list in hand, classify which ones are essential for this new normal, which ones you should adjust, and which ones you should forget. Finally, explore some tools and platforms that allow them to create or improve customer relationships, automate, document, audit, and consult your business information at any time.

For this, it is best to opt for Cloud tools, especially those that can you can customize to your needs. Check out our comparison between traditional tools and Cloud tools, and explore Thunder, a platform that we have designed to guarantee the availability of information with the highest cybersecurity standards.

You cannot start the change without knowing your present and that of your clients

You may be part of one of these two main scenarios:

  1. Your company stopped the operation due to the contingency:

Do not despair, this is a stop on the road, but it does not mean that it is the end of it. Start evaluating the impact and be completely honest with the numbers, but try not to stay on the more pessimistic side.

You must know your reality and that of your clients to define your action plan, so establish this initial scenario before resuming your operation.

  1. Your company continued the activity by adapting on the fly:

Perfect! You’ve come a long way, and you may have already on your radar which processes could virtualize, or better yet, you are already embracing the digital transformation.

However, uncertainty may continue to haunt the landscape. Evaluate the company’s present and clients to detect improvement points (surely there are still several) and start preparing your business for when the economy is progressively reactivated.


Cambia la visión micro por una macro

Teniendo sobre la mesa el presente de la compañía es hora de ampliar el panorama. Levanta un poco la mirada y pídele a tu equipo evaluar el impacto de la contingencia sobre los hábitos de consumo de sus clientes y también el sector al cual pertenece tu negocio, analízenlo y hagan un informe, con las cifras más relevantes que cada uno haya encontrado (Consumo promedio de tu producto, Crecimiento esperado 2020, Crecimiento esperado en 5 años, etc) porque estas cifras les serán de gran ayuda.

Con toda la información que hayan logrado levantar es momento de volver a una videollamada con todo el equipo de trabajo. Compartan todos los datos, e invítalos a crear una lluvia de ideas, para tratar de esbozar dos o tres escenarios de cómo se imaginan el futuro del negocio, partiendo de los seis pilares de la transformación digital:

  • Estrategia: ¿Está la estrategia de la compañía adaptada la realidad que vivimos y a los escenarios futuros?
  • Liderazgo: ¿Qué tipo de líderes requiere la organización en este momento y cuáles requiere para realizar los cambios necesarios?
  • Cultura: ¿Qué tan alta es la capacidad de la empresa para adoptar cambios? ¿Qué han aprendido en la organización a partir de las vivencias de las últimas semanas?
  • Experiencia cliente y empleado: ¿Cuál es el nivel de avance en la interacción con los clientes y la simplificación del trabajo de los empleados?
  • Herramientas digitales: ¿Qué herramientas digitales se necesita adoptar para cumplir los objetivos del negocio?
  • Estructura de los datos: ¿Qué valor tienen los datos que tiene la empresa y que tan aprovechados son?


Time to implement new strategies

Taking into account the reality of your business, the impact of confinement on the sector, and the business and innovation opportunities that you detected with your team, build a new strategy. Start a marketing plan fully adapted to the new requirements from the market.

Start by working on the pillars that generate more value in the short term to the client. Think of everything you want to achieve with the ideas you built with your collaborators and from them validate what you want to offer and how you are going to.

That is why we suggest preparation depending on the nature of the business and bearing in mind that:

  • If your services are digital, it is time to think about updating them to improve them.
  • If your business is consumer products, the e-commerce option is a reality that you cannot miss.
  • If you are in the professional services business, virtualization will give you additional opportunities.
  • If you’re in the utility business, automation is an excellent source of efficiencies and productivity.

In general, regardless of the nature of your business, you must start to incorporate a business continuity plan to face new challenges in a more agile and effective way.


Digital interaction is here to stay

Confinement caused all digital tools to be in high demand globally. The numbers simply shot up so high that they can’t return to their old normal, so don’t expect the trend to go away.

Use this to your advantage. An organization can mutate into a fully digital culture with great ease since, at this time, leadership and culture, which were the most difficult pillars to mobilize, have aligned to respond to the contingency, and you must take advantage of them with the optimal tools. In fact, at InterNexa, we have the best platforms to help you in this transition to digital transformation. In our portfolio, we include the highest connection speed to custom cloud tools and constant support from our group of experts.

Turn the page, leave behind traditional tools, and welcome the digital now that will be leading and setting market standards regardless of the economic sector, the country, or the services offered.

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