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May 7, 2020 by Jairo Guzmán banner

Covid-19 has been such a test for every institution regarding their required digital transformation and their business continuity plan (BCP) level of adoption.  Institutions that during this emergency have not been able to use technology as their ally might be generating a high dissatisfaction among their employees and clients putting their business at risk.

Enterprises that had a business continuity plan have reacted in a better way because they had already defined the actions that should be taken in order to immediately react against any event that may disrupt their services, as well as the enterprises having a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), which is the ability to react to a service disruption through the deployment of a plan in order to reestablish the organization critic functions.

At moments like this, under these particularly circumstances, is when social media becomes a critical communication tool during the crisis, getting in contact with customers, suppliers and society as a whole, by keeping them updated about what is happing in the company, creating and strengthening bonds, and giving a business continuity in times of lockdown.


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Why taking your Enterprise to social media?

Having a strong and robust presence on social media will help your Enterprise to have an interactive communication channel with your customers, employees, suppliers and other people that may be interested in your Company.

They may turn into a direct sales channel, even supported on your customers´ referrals on their own media. Also, the experiences given to each one of them will contribute to create around your products, a community able to tell you which are their needs and so helping you with the development of a new value offer.

How to take your Enterprise to social media.

Before indiscriminately starting with the creation of profiles on social media, it is important for you to know, what kind of public each one of them is going to be focused on, if your customers really use them, and if they truly help to deliver the message you need to communicate.

Following, you will find a summary with information that may help you to establish which of the most important social media will help you to promote your Enterprise.


  • World top rank position: 1
  • Market: All
  • What is it for? Make your brand known
  • More common use: Marketing and loyalty
  • Types of content:
    • Entertainment
    • Promotion
    • Conversation
    • Education
  • Benefits: It is easy to interact with the users, you may publish different types of contents, supports loyalty strategy and allows you the segmentation of the messages.



  • World top rank position: 5
  • Market: Anyone who generates experiences such as fashion, nutrition, architecture, etc.
  • What is it for? It pretends to improve user´s experience by spread content with a higher visual format.
  • More common use: Marketing and loyalty
  • Types of content:
    • Inspirational
    • Promotion
  • Benefits: It is an excellent display for your products, it helps a lot with the making of communities and improves your brand´s image.


  • World top rank position: 6
  • Market: Anyone business with a strong internet presence, including professional and technical blogs.
  • What is it for? Ideal for promoting content.
  • More common use: Loyalty and customer support
  • Types of content:
    • Connection
    • Conversation

Benefits: It is an excellent display for direct contact with your customers and helps you to make very good communications bridges with the community in general terms. It supports customer service and helps with user´s answer towards your service gauge.




  • World top rank position: 8
  • Market: Telecommunications, financial, textiles, technology and international benchmark.
  • What is it for? Make your brand known and position it as a reference in the market.
  • More common use: Positioning and obtaining partners.
  • Types of content:
    • Education
    • Conception
    • Conversation


  • Benefits: It catapults you very much if what you are searching for is new partnerships, corporate brand positioning and diversify your market.


Main indicators to gauge your social media

Now you know which are the main social media and in what way they may support your business, it is now the time to build a strategy that allows you to gauge and analyze each step in the achievement of your goals. To do so, it is important to stablish the indicators that will help you to gauge how effective your communication and content strategy is.

Remember that social media analytics purely depends on the strategy you have already agreed on, your goals, and marketing activity, this last issue is important because each strategy to be implemented should be able to be developed under the current panorama, and not under too idealistic presumptions or goals.

Similarly, in this current situation it is important to count on an expert in communications that leads your campaigns, it is important, more than ever, to have a special care with the message you want to send to your potential customers and purchase communities.

Indicator /  Social media

Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn
Reach / Impressions X X X



Share X X X


Video playback


Single visitor




Bounce rate





Some advices for Enterprise social media security

Now you can check some of the most important aspects to have in mind when constantly using social media, and which are the most common mistakes that make sensible information be way more vulnerable.

Getting ready

Been ready with plans that have foreseen very fast and agile answers processes will make the difference between resolve/deactivate a crisis almost at the starting point or to expose the company to a reputational, economic and operational unclear damage.

Be aware of human mistakes.

This is the most frequent kind of mistake and the one with higher impact.   Posts with wrong messages, spelling errors, value judgments and high tone comments that may directly impact the reputation of the brand are in this category.

We recommend that social media be always managed and used only for the ones with the expertise on communications media.  People who will not publish behavior judgments, politics or religious comments, and much less will ever take any comments made by the community about the brand personally.

Likewise, it is important to stablish a company´s communicational tone and have configured some answering protocols, in case there might be any crisis that should be managed through these public profiles.

Pay attention to privacy configuration

Do not forget that each one to these social media has the possibility to configure the privacy for each profile, from the most restraining levels to the laxest ones. Because of that, when creating any type of account on these communicational media, it is important to do it together with and expert who can provide synergy among the messages that want to be transmitted to the customers, and the reputations and security of the company.

You may access to any of these links to validate your account privacy configuration, and if one of your social media is not listed here, you may access that platform and go to configuration options, privacy option is one of the first to be unfolded.

○       Exercise caution with everything you do in public

Although this type of mistake may be categorized as a human mistake, it is appropriate to individually highlight it due to the damages it may cause.

If security protocols have not been implemented in your company or your employees are not conscious about what kind of information is sensible and vulnerable to cyberattacks yet, it is quite probable that they may not be able to differentiate between the information that may go public or not.

In fact, if in your company there are a lot of people that have access and permissions for posting content on your social media, it is possible that at this very moment they are already the focus of a computer felon, who might take advantage even of the information of the people attending an event.

Avoid this by letting one and only administrator for each profile, defining cyber security policies for your company and using some of this year´s best computer security tools.

Security is the most important thing

Do not allow your company´s cybersecurity be at risk.  We invite you to read our social media fake campaigns detection practical guide.

In addition, do not forget that social media is configured as another contact channel with your users, this why it is important that you begin to check Omni channeling strategies to stablish integrated digital ecosystems that facilitate your enterprise´s growth, while building customer loyalty.

At Internexa we have a wide team of experts who are ready to help you to take your enterprise to the digital transformation that the now digital demands, by supporting you with the technology infrastructure and the setting of processes that ensure to keep your business in synchronicity with the demands and challenges from the current market. Contact us to get an advisory

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