Do you know what is omnichannel? Learn each of its benefits

March 5, 2020 by Juan Camilo Ruíz banner

If you are a digital native, you are likely quite familiar with omnichannel. Still, maybe you don’t know what it is and how it applies in today’s market. We want to explain in detail how it began and why it is so crucial to ensure that your services are available if you’re going to achieve an effective omnichannel strategy.

Did you know that omnichannel could have become popular more than 50 years ago? But without the Internet, it would not have been possible. Let us start with this affirmation as to the basis for explaining the term.

What is omnichannel?

The term comes from the Latin Omni, which means all. It applies directly to any industry, including financial services, health, government, retail, and telecommunications. But before its appearance, there were only two basic market scenarios for each business:

  • Single-channel: a brand has a store, and that office is its only contact channel towards its customers.
  • Multi-channel: a brand has several stores and, therefore, many channels.

Currently, to these scenarios, we must add technology as an extra factor. With omnichannel, a brand can have several stores (understood as e-commerce, call center, or social media) and integrates them in to increase customer experience.

The omnichannel focus on achieving an alignment of corporate and digital communication strategy towards the final customers, the user experience prevailing in the purchase process and allows even to anticipate their preferences for their future transactions.

Note: it is not about having a lot of channels, as this would make it impossible to achieve optimal integration between each of them. Limit yourself to the channels that are necessary to generate continuous communication with the user in a digital environment.

beneficios de la omnicanalidad

Benefits of omnichannel

Practical example

You get a call from a company that offers you some products, and for reasons of time, you ask the advisor to email you the information. However, the advisor tells you that it is only possible to provide details by phone. His response is because the company limits the attention to specific channels by offering some products through emails and others through telephone.

However, a company with its channels integrated can offer the same inventory through any channel focusing on the user and customer service to achieve:

  • Perfect user experiences without requiring more extra effort from the client.
  • Having several communication channels allows a high quality of interaction with the user.
  • Constant communication with the customers through the contact channels, creating a bidirectional relationship.
  • Predict customer preferences using manageable information.
  • Multiple points of contact for the client, maintaining a single transaction with the same information regardless of the channel to use, whether a web page, AR and virtual reality, apps or chatbox.
  • Customer loyalty supported by additional tools to manage customer information.

beneficios de la omnicanalidad

The importance of service availability

If you want to keep the omnichannel strategy in optimal conditions, you need to ensure that you have full availability of the services that support the operation of each channel.

Likewise, try to keep all your contact channels integrated into a platform to allow easy administration and the use of the data collected.

At InterNexa, we can help you guarantee the total availability of your services. Get in touch with us to introduce the different tools that we offer.

If you are interested in starting an omnichannel strategy in your business, you can download our infographic to validate the commitment required in each area of ​​your company.

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