Data Center Interconnection
Data Center Interconnection

Connect to the region's leading data centers through a robust and highly available network.

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Dedicated Internet for ISPs
Dedicated Internet for ISPs

Discover our Dedicated Internet solution for ISPs and access the speed and availability your business demands.

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InterNexa: Wholesale fiber optic
connectivity services operator.

These are the solutions
we have for you

At InterNexa we take your company to the next level of technological appropriation through flexible and reliable solutions, contributing to the continuity of your business.

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More than 20 years connecting telecommunications operators and ISPs in Latin America with the world, through reliable connectivity and infrastructure solutions that positively impact the optimization of your operation and the satisfaction of your customers and users.



We support your expansion in LATAM, bringing your content closer to your customers with high availability and low latency infrastructure, and the support of an expert team, so you can focus on meeting your business objectives in a growing region.


This is what we do

At InterNexa, we assist companies in the mining and energy sector, governments, telecommunications operators, ISPs, and OTTs in optimizing and enhancing their performance through connectivity solutions, particularly in urban and interurban optical fiber, in a wholesale model,  network infrastructure, and data center integration.

Our knowledge, experience, and personalized approach enable us to offer comprehensive solutions aimed at maximizing efficiency and productivity, and supporting the evolution and growth of our clients, thereby contributing to business continuity and the development of a digitally human world.

They trust us

They already knew our solutions and together we implemented them in their companies.


This is what they say about our service

InterNexa developed tailor-made solutions for my company, which together with the quality of service, have supported the growth of my business.

José Raúl Serna CEO, Contecom

With InterNexa we have managed to keep our commercial and construction processes operational, contributing to the fulfilment of the organization's strategic objectives.

Diego Fontecha Director TIC, AR Construcciones

With InterNexa we have had a very close accompaniment, a very good service, the support they give us in our daily operations is very important.

Carmen Vargas Líder de TI, Arconsa

Our experience with InterNexa has been very good, they listened to our needs and provided us with solutions. InterNexa has been a very important partner for us especially entering Colombia and has allowed us to meet many of our objectives in the region.

Rodrigo Fuentevilla Technology Strategist, Riot Games

With InterNexa I have peace of mind, I know that I have a team that supports the services that are critical to the organisation and they have proven this to me over time.

Fernando Chiang Jefe de tecnología, Explomin

I highlight InterNexa's technological evolution, professionalism and what makes it different, its people.

Gabriel Ferrer Gerente General, Codisert

I feel extremely reassured to work with InterNexa, from the beginning they have been a serious and clear company, with very good support, that when they have problems they solve them properly.

Carlos Rivera CEO, You Internet

Success stories

Learn how companies from different industries faced challenges and overcame them, supported by our solutions and expert personnel.

Optimization of the technological infrastructure through the cloud in a health sector company.

Optimization of the technological infrastructure through the cloud in a health sector company.

A company dedicated to the provision of health services in Peru and Colombia ...

Improving connectivity and business continuity

Improving connectivity and business continuity

Commercial and industrial company of the Colombian State with more than 50 ...

Improving the speed of access to the public cloud

Improving the speed of access to the public cloud

Multinational cement and concrete company with a presence in sixteen countries ...

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Andinalink 2024

We have a new appointment in 2024 at Andinalink 2024, a space to meet with the growing ISP and cable operator industry in the region. We will meet ...

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