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It enables businesses to have conditioned spaces to host IT infrastructure, providing the electromechanical and environmental conditions required for the correct operation of our clients' equipment and infrastructure, guaranteeing their useful life and under international standards such as Uptime Institute and TIA 942.


This is how our service works

If your business still has infrastructure capabilities hosted in its own computer rooms or areas, our Collocation services offer will enable your business to eliminate the high investment costs in electromechanical equipment, cooling, security, administration, 7x24x365 operation and in general the configurations that enableautonomy against a fortuitous event of the service. Our Datacenter is built with the highest industry standards, eliminating the need for businesses to make investments (Capex) and high operating costs (Opex) to deliver the hosting of their equipment in our Datacenter (Collocation). This opens the possibility of interconnecting to our Cloud Thunder services, add perimeter security capabilities, have the ability to include remote hands services and connect to our network for IP services or even to extend your LAN to your remote sites.

These are the benefits of being with us


In Service Model

Do not make high investments in infrastructure and operating expenses. Our service model enables you to eliminate the hidden costs of having your own computing space in your premises by hosting your equipment in our datacenter.


High levels of availability

Our data center has all the infrastructure in place to deliver availability levels from 99.9% and 99.982%, which in turn translates into resilience capabilities in the event of a failure in the local operator's power operation.


Datacenter Ecosystem

We have presence in Colombia (Bogota - Medellin), Chile and Brazil, and we interconnect all Datacenters to deliver an experience of capabilities for your needs.

Our Data centers are integrated with the entire product portfolio, offering the possibility for your business to easily connect to services such as Centralized Security, Connectivity, IP Services, Cloud Thunder Services, to specialized managed services tailored to your needs.



We apply the service models under ISO 27001, protecting the assets available for the provision of services, from physical access control to logical controls according to the needs of your business.

Our coverage


Find our Datacenter services for companies at:

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  2. Perú
  3. Chile

Success stories

Learn how companies from different industries faced challenges and overcame them, supported by our solutions and expert personnel.

Optimization of the technological infrastructure through the cloud in a health sector company.

Optimization of the technological infrastructure through the cloud in a health sector company.

A company dedicated to the provision of health services in Peru and Colombia ...

Improving connectivity and business continuity

Improving connectivity and business continuity

Commercial and industrial company of the Colombian State with more than 50 ...

Improving the speed of access to the public cloud

Improving the speed of access to the public cloud

Multinational cement and concrete company with a presence in sixteen countries ...

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