Datacenter Interconnection

Connect directly and efficiently with the leading Datacenters in Latin America through our high-speed and reliable fiber optic network, enabling agile transfer of data, applications, and services. Improve the scalability and resilience of your operations. Our solution empowers information exchange, collaboration, and data replication, boosting operational efficiency and ensuring business continuity and customer satisfaction.

Interconexión de datacenter

This is how our service works

We rapidly and efficiently connect you to the region's major datacenters and data centers through a high-capacity and continuously growing telecommunications network. We interconnect with over 40 datacenters in key cities across Latin America.

Our high-speed fiber optic network infrastructure and advanced routing technology guarantee unparalleled data transfer between your locations. Forget about geographical barriers and bring your content closer to your users, enjoying the reliability and low latency your company requires.

Don't let distance hold you back! Discover how our Datacenter Interconnection solution can drive operational efficiency, global collaboration, and growth for your company in Latin America.

These are the benefits of being with us



High and medium-capacity data networks that improve latency between the region's major Datacenters.



24/7 monitoring, support, and personalized attention.



100% fiber optic network on highly available and ring-topology infrastructure.



Over 20 years of transporting high volumes of traffic in South America.

Interconnected Datacenters

InterNexa - Ecosistema-Datacenter_ING

Success stories

Learn how companies from different industries faced challenges and overcame them, supported by our solutions and expert personnel.

Improving connectivity and business continuity

Improving connectivity and business continuity

Commercial and industrial company of the Colombian State with more than 50 ...

Optimization of the technological infrastructure through the cloud in a health sector company.

Optimization of the technological infrastructure through the cloud in a health sector company.

A company dedicated to the provision of health services in Peru and Colombia ...

Improving the speed of access to the public cloud

Improving the speed of access to the public cloud

Multinational cement and concrete company with a presence in sixteen countries ...

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